The people behind

Hadijatou - Crew

Hadijatou, j’accuse is a documentary produced by PICNIC and directed by Lala Gomà and Rosa Cornet, with COMPACTO coproduction.


PICNIC is a production company founded by Albert Saguer in 2005.
It began its career in advertising, becoming one of the leading companies in Spain. In 2007 Picnic started producing fiction and documentaries. Read further.

Lala Gomà

Multiawarded director, since 1985 and for more than 20 years, she has worked for TV3 (TVC), where she has conducted cultural, youth and educational programs, reports and documentaries. In 2006 she has received the National Prize of Culture 2006, the highest artistic recognition in Catalonia. Read further.

Rosa Cornet

Scriptwriter and journalist for TV3 (TVC) who began his career in 1988 with programs and documentaries as “Més enllà del 2000” “2000 FF” y “Punt Omega”, and she has received several awards including Boehringer Ingelheim. Read further.


CCOMPACTO is a young production company from Barcelona specialized in crowdfunding. Read further.

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