Why chosing this story?

Hadijatou - Why making this documentary

In March 2008 we read a newspaper article: “A Slave Against the State”. The information was interesting for two reasons. Journalistically speaking, it was an attractive subject to be dealt with both in writing and audiovisually. News programs and the papers all gave the news. However, the second reason for interest in the news was more stimulating. The idea was to investigate further than just the news item and find out who this woman was, a woman without any type of education, who had lived under a system where freedom did not exist and without any respect for human rights. How had she dared take the case to court and reach the highest possible judicial levels without taking into account the consequences. We saw her as a heroine, as one of those necessary individuals in a society.

In December 2008 we went to Madrid to meet her personally since the State Lawyers Association had awarded her an important Human Rights award. Our first contact with her gave us the impression of a timid but strong young woman. We were surprised by her amazing dignity. We found what we had already imagined: a heroine in this new century. She confirmed verbally what we already knew from the NGOs we had contacted: she wanted to continue the fight against slavery. Hadijatou wanted to do the documentary, explain her story and carry on the fight against slavery in her country and in the rest of the world.

Lala Gomà and Rosa Cornet

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