The documentary

Hadijatou - Vertical PosterHadijatou, j’accuse is a documentary about Hadijatou Mani, the first woman who has sued her government, Niger, for being a slave… and the irst to win. This landmark fact sets one before and one after for ending slavery in the XXI century. But Hadijatou now has a new battle to fight: recovering her kids from her old master.
Hadijatou, j’accuse tells the real story of slavery in the XXI century’ Africa and its mothers fighting for their children freedom. Produced by PICNIC, Hadijatou, j’accuse is directed by Lala Gomà and Rosa Cornet, with COMPACTO‘s coproduction.

Project status

The team made a first trip to Niger in 2009. The main intention was to meet Hadijatou and her incredible story, told by herself. On that first shooting, we met all characters linked to the story and, thanks to the collaboration of a local reporter, we got recordings of several Hadijatou’s lawsuits, and we also had the chance to interview Hadijatou’s former master, which would be the first master to give his point of view in front of a camera.
Now is time to go there again, and to attend the legal resolution of Hadijatou’s appeal, which demands to have her two kids back. We must tell the end of her fight and present to the whole world the big work Hadijatou is doing for all women who are still in slavery. Make it possible right now.

Why chosing this story?

“Being the first person to denounce an injustice is not easy and less so in Africa. Who knew this woman?  Who was behind the story? What was the situation in Niger in regard to slavery?  Furthermore, what was the situation in this regard in the rest of the world?  Our deep curiosity and desire to know Niger reality, to know Hadijatou and other people who achieve apparently impossible goals has led us to work on this story”. Read further.

Previous facts

On October 27th, 2008, for the first time, a Superior Court, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) condemned the government of Niger for avoiding real prosecution of slavery.
Hadijatou Mani was pioneer in denouncing her government for slavery and she obtained a favorable ruling, which was a breakthrough in the defense of human rights. Read further about Hadijatou and slavery in Niger.

International interest

In 2009 Hadijatou Mani received from Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama the “International Women of Courage Award” and she became one of the top 100 most influential people in 2009 (according to Time magazine). Now she can get her final personal victory: recover her children and explain her history to the world. Read further.

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