Riots in Niger

This have been SO intense weeks. First of all, let us apologize for this silence. If we haven’t told you anything for a while it’s because we’ve been working very intensely to make the documentary. Now we’re writing to you because we have news to bring to you: a good one and a sad one.

The good one is that at last there’s a date for the trial. Before July, we hope Hadijatou is able to make her dream come true and she recovers the kids she had with her former master. During this last days we’ve been working very intensely, preproducing the trip and the shooting at Niger. When almost everything was prepared –now is when the sad news come–, 2 suicide bombings occurred in a french facility in Agadez, claimed by an islamist group allied to Al Qaeda, causing 25 deaths and 30 injured. The next weekend, a riot in the main prison in Niamey allowed 22 prisoners to escape. Most of those we’re imprisoned for being part of those Al Qaeda groups, and they caused more deaths in the escape. From that moment, embassies and consulates from all over the western countries started sending alerts to their citizens, strictly advising against visiting the country. We looked for alternatives and we’ve been in touch with Antislavery International, since they also we’re planning a trip there this days, but the conclusion was the very same: now we can’t go there.

In this days, specially for foreigners from europe and america, visiting Niger is a very dangerous choice.

Nevertheless, as we couldn’t let the trial go without recording this fundamental part of the documentary, we’ve contacted with a local cameraman and his crew, with whom we used to work with in the past, to ensure we’ll be witnesses of this fact. This is being possible right now thanks to your donations.

Meanwhile, we keep working hard and wishing the situation in Niger improves, so we can undertake this trip as soon as possible. Our commitment is to meet Hadijatou, give her a hug and record what’s pending of the documentary.

We’ll keep informing. As always, thanks for being here!

– Lala, Rosa and the rest of the crew.

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