When I arrived to Hadijatou’s home


The crowdfunding process to get back to Niger has served to me to remember deeply the first trip that we did during ten days to shoot the documentary.

It was the first time we’re shooting this kind of topic and I was very excited to know the characters of the story: Hadijatou and her family, the slaver who bought the girl following the master orders, those from the NGO who had helped her … And I also felt a huge curiosity to discover the places where the facts took place: the landscapes, the architecture, the people’s way of life…

It was very early in the morning, of a very hot day, when we met Hadijatou, and we had a deep impression. That was a very small cabage of clay. She was lying on a makeshift bed next to his mother. At her feet was Hadijatou’s one year old daughter. Hadijatou was sick. No one knew what happened to her. She was very tired and around the neck had a huge black scab. She didn’t dare to stand up and she was in pains. As therapy she had only a dense and dark ointment. We ignore its composition as it was traditional medicine. We gave her a paracetamol pill; it was the only medication we had there. It took a while her to trust us, but at least the pill worked.

Hadijatou got up slowly and said to us: what do you want me to do? “. We started to shoot her story.

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