I could talk with Hadijatou!

Hadijatou Smile

During the documentary production process, we’re often hearing from our friend Abankawel, who works at Timidria, the local NGO at Niamey, Niger, to know about her and explain them the documentary progress. We know about Hadijatou through him because she lives at 500 Km. far from the city, and without any communication means. When we have an intensive production work, as now that we have launched the crowdfunding campaign, the communication is at least weekly, whether by phone or by e-mail.

Last week we ask Abankawel to visit Hadijatou to verify personally his current state and to announce her that we would be going there to finish the documentary. We wanted to hear about her, his husband (who got married with when she was free) and their children with him. We also wanted him to send our best wishes and greetings to her. Abankawel, a very cordial person, said he would go, but hadn’t enough money to pay the petrol. We reached an agreement to cover that expense and he was on his way.

Upon not receiving news, at the end of three days I tried to keep in touch with him without too many hopes. I thought that probably he wouldn’t have enough signal. My surprise was great when I heard a voice telling me “Lala, ¡hello! I am with Hadijatou, ¿do you want to speak with her?” I was hearing her saying “¡Lala, Lala!”, and I replied “Hadijatou, Hadijatou”, also raising my voice, and I could hear her laughing. We didn’t talk for a long time, but she recognized me and it made me very happy. Then, our friend Abankawel told me that all they were happy to know that we would return. We ended the recalling that we had really established some emotional links that hadn’t disappear.

I’m very excited to meet Hadijatou once again.

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