Here began Hadijatou’s liberation

Lala and Rosa at the Timidria Office

In this small office of about 3sq meters started the liberation of Hadijatou. Almu is the delegate of the NGO Timidria in Dogeraoua (Konni), the zone where Hadijatou lives. He was who discovered the case and helped Hadijatou.

After receiving a beating of her master. Pregnant and undressed, Hadijatou escaped. It was not the first time, but the last. Destiny: as always, her mother’s house. The news, by the circumstances of how she appeared, spread quickly in an area where communication is only face to face. There are no computers, neither telephone, no transportation except walking for hours…

By its relevance, when Almu heard Hadijatou’s situation, he went to see her and her family to offer his help. He explained that she had a chance of being free by denouncing her situation. And she accepted.

Our first stop when we arrived at Dogeraoua was Timidria’s office. A small dark room with clay walls and floor. Without furniture. Plastic chairs were placed trying to make us fell comfortable. They weren’t enough in numbers and we distributed between the ground and the chairs. While we spoke with them in that slow way of those places where the tick of the clock doesn’t mark the course of the day, we began to dive in the life of those people.

Ironically, from that precarious office emerged a story that months later was to travel around world. The walls were the witnesses. On the walls there were pieces of newspapers that spoke of Hadijatou. Concretely there was a Washington Post original page, covered with plastic, with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama giving the Courage Women Award to Hadijatou. There were six awarded more, but the journalist chose the photo of the ex-slave to illustrate the piece of news. Sight from that one office everything took another dimension. Recently the young girl had travelled to the States to receive the award. And after visiting one of the more important centers of the world, there was only that one piece of newspaper to remember that she got an historical issue. At that moment, we decided that we needed to explain the Hadijatou’s story from its origin.

The hard adventure of Hadijatou began many years back. In fact it began when she was born slave. Our story, so, should begin then; the adventure that would take us to know Hadijatou, her mother, her brother, her daughter, her friends, her husband… To see them and to live with them in its surroundings still gave us a more heroic dimension of those people. While, we felt more and more small.

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