My first crowdfunding week ever

This is the first crowdfunding I ever do and the truth is that it is changing my day-to-day. I’m aware of it at every moment. It’s addictive. I am a usually consummer of 2.0 world, but rarely I’ve been the focus of it, and now I have a strange feeling. On one hand, I know that everything is going very fast and because the way that information is distributed at high speed, its impact is also very ephemeral. And therefore you have to be persistent. But on the other hand, I don’t want to be annoying, because I’m aware that my interests, even though altruistic and caring, are not necessarily the interests of other people, as solidarity has so many faces.

In short, I had to concentrate and reflect. In the end, I concluded that I have to be honest with myself and with the subject I’m working in. I think Hadijatou’s story can’t be left in a drawer. I firmly believe it. Beyond the expectations that we put in the film, there are her expectations. We need an answer and we could give it only if many of you participate in this crowdfunding and you help us to spread it. You don’t know how much I appreciate your participation. You are the first, and you are essential. We have to get it!

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